Human Vortex Trianing LLC. offers elite-level internet, and in-person coaching, with our studio located in Pittsburgh, Pa. We work with athletes from all across the spectrum, from beginners & leisure, to the professional levels. Whether you are heading towards your first Marathon, Triathlon, or Cycling racing season, Human Vortex Training is here to help you achieve.
Known for our athletes being strong, injury free, and getting results, Human Vortex Training focuses on the athletes posture, physiological systems, strength, core, and ensuring they are as efficient as possible.
Human Vortex Training is founded on the principles that everything about the athlete; their lifestyle, their personality, and their life beyond their sport, are all to be taken into considerations when training for personal zeniths. Each athlete has different needs, a different set of skills, and those should be addressed by workouts tailored to that individual.

Our Philosophy: Train Smarter, not just harder

We’re here to help you capitalize on the time you have to train. Whether it’s a personalized monthly training calendar, nutritional counseling, working on your efficiency in sport, or addressing muscular imbalances, Human Vortex Training should be at the top of your training to-do list.

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