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Broken Hand/Broken Collarbone
8 Weeks to Fitness

While no one plans on getting injured, it does happen... This plan is for those Cyclists who have suffered a shoulder/arm/hand injury, and who have been given clearance by their medical professional to return to riding the Indoor Stationary bike. 

Built for an Intermediate Rider, this 8 week plan will have you back at it in 8 weeks!


Lean and Fast in 8 weeks

Geared towards those riders who are looking to use cycling to get down in weight, or, to lose some weight before beginning training to boost their Power. 

Through the use of fasting morning rides, and short high-intensity efforts, this 8 week plan will help you lose weight, and maintain your current power, while dropping a few pounds!

shmuel oval.jpg

          Gain Watts! 
8 week power booster

This plan is for those beginner to intermediate athletes who are looking to boost their Functional Lactate Threshold Power. 

Average Ride time per week: 5-7.5 hours
Power, HR, and Perceived Exertion.

Ride the tour 2017

Intermediate Level

Want to suffer alongside your favorite pro during the 2017 Tour? 
The Ride the Tour 2017 program features 3.5 weeks of leg-searing, lung burning, and mental toughness challenging workouts, geared to give you a smaller dose of what the Pros ride on that day. 

Average Ride time 2.25 hours. 
Average TSS 150-200
Power, HR, and Perceived Exertion
Must have 10-16hrs saddle time a week, minimum for 4-6 months prior to trying this program.



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