cyclists & triathletes can improve their performance through strength training & a structured training plan

5 Steps to getting to your Peak Race Weight

There are so many voices out there telling you how you need to get down to your peak race weight- Here I’m going to boil it down to 5 steps- that while easy- are also challenging, to help you get lean AND fast as you head towards your peak race in mid-summer (Late June to Mid-July).

Physical Therapy: You’re missing half the point

We must begin to think beyond the label of an athlete being injured, and recognize the fact that THIS is the time where we can truly MAKE the athletes will and determination infallible. It is an incredibly vulnerable time for the athlete, one in which they will often have negative self-thoughts, bouts of depression, and even “go to a dark place” which can totally derail them from their pre-injury optimistic and positive character…. and this can have a massively negative lifelong effect.

January: Setting the table for success

The dead of winter is upon us, as January has just hit its halfway mark. This is the time of year for trainer rides and Strength Training; for sharpening your mental abilities as much as you are your physical abilities. But with all the changes in the approach to training for Cycling, what should you actually be focusing on RIGHT NOW, if the meat of your season falls in July-August?

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