Beginner Training Plans

Online Pre-Made Training plans to help YOU meet your needs, ready for you to begin TODAY!

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Beginner- Get Strong in 8 weeks!

There is nothing as thrilling as your first few months on the bike, and this program will help you gain even more enjoyment, as you learn how to tap into your riding potential!

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Beginner- 12 week Base for a strong year

This 12 week program will give you a solid base of riding and training in the cool months, so you can tackle those epic rides with confidence and strength!


8 weeks to stronger climbing

Climbing doesn't have to suck! 
With this 8 week training plan, you get some of the "secret sauce" that has helped so many HVT Athletes ride stronger, the world over!


Built to help those who have a tough time keeping up when the group "get's moving" on the flats/rollers, this program will help you boost your cruising speed, and give you more tools to deal with the flats, so you're fresh for the climbs!

Beginner- 4 week intro to training

This training block offers you a peek into the world of structured training, advice and guidance from an internationally experienced USA Cycling Certified Coach, and the beginning tools to take your riding to the next level!

Beginner- Gain Watts

This program is built for beginners who have been riding between 6-8 hours for 2-4 months prior, and who are looking to increase their Functional Lactate Threshold Power on the bike, and to dive into proper on-bike training.

Cat 4 to Cat 3 UPGRADE 12 wk. Base Training to kick A$$ & Take Names

This training program is exactly what you need to make the jump to Cat up, and not just survive, but to RACE STRONG from the start.