Breaking down 70.3 World Champion Holly Lawrence's Favorite Strength Set PART 1 The WARMUP

"Just any trainer" and "Just any strength coach" will NOT do it for endurance athletes, as you have a very unique blend of demands on the body- especially triathletes. Simply because someone holds a credential and passed a test, does NOT mean they have the right skillset and knowledge that YOU need, in order to have the strength training match your needs.

Physical Therapy: You're missing half the point

Physical Therapy: You're missing half the point

We must begin to think beyond the label of an athlete being injured, and recognize the fact that THIS is the time where we can truly MAKE the athletes will and determination infallible. It is an incredibly vulnerable time for the athlete, one in which they will often have negative self-thoughts, bouts of depression, and even "go to a dark place" which can totally derail them from their pre-injury optimistic and positive character.... and this can have a massively negative lifelong effect.

Learn from Coach Brodie

Over the last few years, Coach Brodie has shared some of his knowledge with the world through blogs, presentations, and videos. 
Below you can find some of his Previous Presentations for USA Cycling on "Strength Training for Cyclists", an area he is highly sought out for. 

Strength Training for cycling has been Coach Brodie's specialty since 2008.

Strength Training for cycling has been Coach Brodie's specialty since 2008.

Recorded Webinars:

USA Cycling Coaches Seminar- "Strength Training: How to program your athletes for success"
Instructor: Menachem Brodie, USAC Expert Coach, Power Based Training Certified, SICI Certified Bike fitter
This webinar examines the how’s and whys of strength training for cycling success, including looking at common target areas to help your cyclist both young and old, enjoy more success and more time on the bike and decrease their risk of developing injuries.


USA Cycling Coaches Seminar-  "Pre-Season Strength Training: Areas of greatest return"
Instructor: Menachem Brodie
This presentation provides attendees with the necessary tools to build a solid foundation for their athletes allowing them to push their physiological limits on the bike with a solid foundation keyed in to decreased risk of injury and increased performance.


USA Cycling Coaches Seminar- "How to keep your athletes healthy for a full season"
Instructor: Menachem Brodie
This webinar covers the small things that can have a big impact on performance as well as touching on the athlete-coach relationship ensuring the best season each athlete has had yet.


USA Cycling Coaches Seminar- "Collegiate Cycling: The road less taken to the Elite levels"

USA Cycling-Coaches Seminar- "Strength Training for Success"

***Please note, that for all USA Cycling Coaches Webinars, that you MUST log-on to USA Cycling's website, and create an account. All proceeds from these webinars go to USA Cycling.