Intermediate Training Plans

You've been riding for a few years, but something is missing. Perhaps you're not improving on the climbs like you want to, or maybe you're looking to move from the middle of the group to the front.

You aren't looking for a personalized training program. You're looking for a proven training program to help you improve your strength or speed in a specific area. You don't need a coach to talk with, you just want program to follow with confidence, knowing that it will get you the results you want.

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Don't get dropped on the flats or rollers!

Built to help those who have a tough time keeping up when the group "get's moving" on the flats/rollers, this program will help you boost your cruising speed, and give you more tools to deal with the flats, so you're fresh for the climbs!

Maximize Climbing Speed and Power!

Climbing- you either love it, or hate it. It is an integral part of being a strong rider, yet so many riders don't train to truly maximize their abilities. This program is designed to improve your climbing strength & speed, as well as give you the tools necessary to keep the hammer down, even after you've finished the climb.


Ride your next gran fondo stronger!

Whether it's a Gran Fondo or your groups longest ride of the summer, this 16 week training plan will give you 2-3 rides a week, along with your weekly group rides, to allow you to ride strong with the group all the way to the finish!

Intermediate- 8 weeks to stronger climbing

This program will help you maximize your climbing abilities by not only giving your energy systems a kick but also helping expand the "tools" you will use on the climbs. From cadences, to your mental toughness, this program is the real deal!

Cat 4 to Cat 3 UPGRADE 12 wk. Base Training to kick A$$ & Take Names

This training program is exactly what you need to make the jump to Cat up, and not just survive, but to RACE STRONG from the start.