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Consistency is the key to many accomplishments in life: whether it's in sport, business, or in your personal life. But sometimes life sends us for a ride, and we get knocked off balance. 

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6 Spring-Inspired Ways to Break Out of a Workout Rut

Spring brings rebirth — the smell of flowers blooming and freshly cut grass on your jogs, a reemergence of outdoor workouts after winter hibernation and a general feeling of new beginnings. Piggyback on these springtime effects and use this hopeful, transformational season as an opportunity for a workout refresh.


Alive Magazine

Why We Need to Stop Resolving to Lose Weight

… and other secrets to better fitness

Struggling to get to the gym? The problem may be that your reason for going is, well, basic. We’ve got to dump traditional goals like losing weight. They’re too ordinary to inspire us.

“Stop seeing fitness goals as just items to check off,” says Menachem Brodie, a certified strength and conditioning coach who has trained gold-medal athletes. “When our goals are something we care about, the path unfolds before us. Motivation to push through will be there!”

How to get motivated for a workout when you just want to chill

Between the post-holiday slump and plunging temperatures outside, snuggling under a blanket with a cup of tea might sound better than working out. But there are plenty of interesting ways to vary your routines so the cool temps don’t dampen your commitment to fitness. Here are eight strategies to try when the couch is calling your name:


Everyday Power Blog

What Exactly Is a Healthy Lifestyle?

What exactly is a healthy lifestyle? So many people are talking about it nowadays – from your family doctor, to health magazines, and business gurus. But what REALLY is a healthy lifestyle?

Over the course of my 15+ years in the health and wellness industry (including many years as a coach, fitness technology consultant, strength coach, and EMT), I’ve seen a lot of different lifestyles: many of which are unhealthy.

You’d be surprised as to who was living healthy way of life – and it’s not what you think! Here are the top five considerations one must make in order to live a truly healthy lifestyle.

Alive magazine

Expert Advice to help you nail your new year fitness goals

As featured in Alive magazine, January 2017

Whether you’re a casual weekend warrior or an avid exercise enthusiast, these unique fitness tips from our top experts will forever change how you see your time in the gym. 

Toss out those typical New Year’s exercise resolutions. Forget old, tired workout clichés. As we flip the pages of the calendar, our panel of influential fitness professionals explains why we should also flip the script on our exercise routines to make this our strongest, healthiest year ever.

Everyday Power Blog

Why Your Success Is Determined By Helping Others Solve a Problem

While there are many different ways that one can work towards becoming successful, ONE theme will remain true throughout nearly every single avenue one chooses, and that is:

Your success is determined by how many people you are able to help solve a problem, or helping others to improve the level/quality of something in their life.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 2.21.54 PM.png

Cocoa Elite

2 critical keys for success

As an Expert coach, I’m constantly asked: What do professional athletes do different?  How did they get to the next level?

While these seem like easy questions, the answers are actually complex. Every athlete is incredibly unique, complex and has their own strengths & weaknesses.   In addition, they have their own challenges- personal, professional, and athletic, which they need to overcome, and learn from.


Everyday Power Blog

10 Things To Accomplish By Spending 2 Hours a Day for 2 Years

We all have goals we want to accomplish in life. Things we GENUINELY want to do, but get put off for later, until they never happen.

I’m not talking about bathing, feeding yourself, or sleeping – but rather, about feeding your mind and your soul.

These things tend to get lost nowadays. We, as a society, are so focused on making money and ‘having’ things instead of increasing our knowledge, skills, and abilities we can use to help others and the world.

Cocoa elite

4 ways to spring back into fitness

As winter’s grasp is slowly starting to loosen and spring is anxiously waiting patiently in the wings, many of us here in the states north of the Mason-Dixon line are getting ready to rip our bikes off the trainers, and head outside for longer and more intense rides and runs. However, before we jet out the door like a rabbit out of its cage into the wilderness, there are a few considerations we must take to allow us to spring into fitness, and not fall flat come June and July.


Everyday Power

Why We Do Not Need To Be Happy All The Time

If we aren’t careful, we can chase after it, day in and day out, as if it is some end point.
It’s NOT. 
Happiness is not some THING to achieve. Nor is it some magical destination.

Happiness is a part of our journey in life. It is a state of mind, a state of being that one must seek to attain, maintain, and accomplish. Yoga masters have spent lifetimes seeking it. Buddhists spend hundreds of hours trying to attain it. Addicts and drug users seek short-term artificial bursts of it (which ultimately destroys the pure, true form or happiness).

So, we should be happy all the time, right?

Focus- Motivational Video

NO matter what your goal is – to get out of debt, to win a championship, to get a new job – you must have the FOCUS to put in the work and be committed to becoming who you need to be, in order to attain that which you seek. 


You’re not trying to live a fake life, a life just for show, with no real content to it. You’re out there, FOCUSED, putting in the timelearning the tough lessonsworking the long hoursgetting up, and marking each day off the calendar with a red marker, because you KNOW where you’re going.


“That’s perfect!”
“Keep doing it until it’s perfect!”
“Perfect practice makes perfect!”

The expectations today are that we go until we get it perfect. Not right, but PERFECT.

Humans are many things, but perfect is NOT one of them.


Overtraining- a deeper look into what it is and how it affects you

While I initially wrote the following to help a journalist out with a story they were working on, I realized a few days after the story was posted, that this more detailed information on overtraining is far too valuable to not be released for athletes to see and understand for themselves. 

I hope you find this article helpful for yourself, and for those you train with. Please share this article with those whom are starting the sport, are looking to learn more about their body, or who may be on the path to overtraining.

How To run in the Dog Days of Summer

The dog days of summer can be quite a love-hate relationship for runners. Some relish the opportunity to run in a cool forest on a humid day and feel their body cut through the soup-like humidity as they coast along. Meanwhile, others cringe at the thought of heavy sweating, and training on hot pavement, as they push towards their weekly mileage goals. No matter which side of the coin you’re on, dehydration and heat related illnesses are two things that MUST be taken into serious consideration as you continue to run in the heat. Here is how to run during the dog days of summer.