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Training plans so you can SMASH your goals!

Looking for a Training Plan from an experienced coach to help you get in shape?

We've got you covered!

  • Training plans to meet YOUR needs

  • Rides that Fit into your schedule

    • 2-3 weekday rides 60-75 min in length (Varies based on plan)

    • 1-2 weekend rides, 2+ hours long

  • Proven results for athletes around the world

  • Testing at start and end*- see the results for yourself!

  • Most plans* are downloadable to your Garmin, Zwift, or Trainer Road

These plans are built to maximize the time you have to ride, so you can train SMARTER, not harder, and get the results you need!

*Field Tests are done based off of Perceived Exertion (RPE) to allow you to do the best you can, without limits! 


Get started TODAY, with instant access to your Pre-made training plan!

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Crush your first Century Ride!

Don't just finish your first century ride, CRUSH IT!
This workout plan is built to give you the ability to ride strong for your first century ride, in just 110 days. 

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4-week supercharger

Need to gain some serious power, and fast!

This 4 week SUPERCHARGER block will get you those needed watts!
15-20 Watt gain, is not unusual... come ready to WORK!


8 weeks to stronger climbing

Climbing doesn't have to suck! 

With this 8 week training plan, you get some of the "secret sauce" that has helped so many HVT Athletes SMASH their old climbing PR's, the world over!

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Lean and fast in 8 weeks

Get lean and fast while you ride your bike, with expert insights into how to make sure you're fueling enough to help you reach your goals, but not so little that you're sabotaging your efforts.

Beginner- Get Strong in 8 weeks!

Tap into your riding potential with this Expert Coach built beginner training program, geared specifically for beginners to take huge steps forward in their riding!

Beginner- 12 week Base for a strong year

Have some epic rides and races planned for next year? 

This 12 week base program will give you the foundation necessary to have an absolutely breakout season!

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Don't get dropped on the flats or rollers!

Are you a great climber but get dropped when the group "get's moving" on the flats/rollers? You NEED this program!

Boost your cruising speed and give yourself more tools to deal with the flats, so you're not only comfortable in the group, but are still fresh for the climbs so you can leave them in the dust!

Ride your next gran fondo stronger!

Whether it's a Gran Fondo or your groups longest ride of the summer, this 16 week training plan will give you 2-3 rides a week, along with your weekly group rides, to allow you to ride strong with the group all the way to the finish!

Broken hand/Collarbone

It doesn't mean that you are doomed to lose all your fitness!

This program has proven it's worth in gold time and again- for those looking to come back strong to ride that century ride, or win their peak race, this plan will keep you on track as you recover!

Ride the tour 2017

This program was designed based off of the 2017 Tour De France Stage profiles: One of the hardest Tours to date!

Do you have what it takes to push your limits, build fitness, and finish?

Beginner- 4 week intro to training

Take your training to the next level!

This 4-week training block offers you a peek into the world of structured training, advice, and guidance from an internationally experienced USA Cycling Certified Coach. A great way to give structured training a try, if you are looking to give structured training a try!

Beginner- Gain Watts!

Looking to get serious gains in your power to help you ride? 

This program will have you feeling the power as you work through 8 weeks of structured training to unleash the power within!

Maximize Climbing Speed and Power!

Think you're a serious rider, but keep getting dropped or passed on the climbs? Then you've got work to do!
This 8 week training plan will have your riding buddies begging you to back off a little as you hit your favorite climbs with speed, power, and prowess!