Power Booster Training Plans

You've got some serious goals coming up, but you're riding to this point just hasn't given you the results you want, or need.

"Oh Crap! I'm running out of time, and I'm freaking out that I won't be able to keep up!"

If you've got 4-8 weeks, you CAN see BIG improvements in your riding. Grab one of our proven Power Booster programs, and prepare to ride your way to new strength on the bike!

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4-week supercharger

Need to gain some serious power, and fast? This 4 week SUPERCHARGER block will challenge you to earn those needed watts!
15-20 Watt gain, is not unusual, but come ready to WORK!


8 weeks to stronger climbing

Climbing doesn't have to suck! 
With this 8 week training plan, you get some of the "secret sauce" that has helped so many HVT Athletes ride stronger, the world over!

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Beginner- Get Strong in 8 weeks!

There is nothing as thrilling as your first few months on the bike, and this program will help you gain even more enjoyment, as you learn how to tap into your riding potential!

Beginner- Gain Watts

This program is built for beginners who have been riding between 6-8 hours for 2-4 months prior, and who are looking to increase their Functional Lactate Threshold Power on the bike, and to dive into proper on-bike training.