Bronze Program


Bronze Program



The Bronze Level Training plan is for cyclists who are either just getting into more structured training and who aren't sure how much coaching they want beyond a training plan, or those who are looking for a professionally written training plan to get them to their goals, but who only need to check in once a month or so to make sure they are on track, and to have their coach answer any questions they may have.

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The Bronze level program has been developed over our 10+ years coaching cyclists around the world, learning what exactly it is that most cyclists need and want from a coach. 

As cyclists, we tend to be very self-driven, and love to tackle obstacles and challenges before us (Thus our love/hate relationship with climbing, and time trials), but we also enjoy the camaraderie of a group ride, and the hours hanging out at the cafe after the ride. With the Bronze package you clip-in each time for a ride, confident that you have a solid training program, built on proven methods, that will get you to your goal. And you also know that you are not only being held accountable by a coach, but that you also have an advocate with you, helping to answer any questions you may have that come up along the way, as well as to teach you new things you didn't know, or even think to ask about.

Purchase now and receive:

  • Athlete Profile Review, including sports history/training history, past performances, and current athletic goals
  • Training with Power, Heart Rate, or Perceived Exertion, depending on your preference
  • Baseline Field test to allow for proper training volume, and stress to be determined, and to attain CURRENT Heart Rate and Power Training Zones.
  • FULLY Personalized Training program which is built entirely around your goals, needs, and training time available in 1 month increments
  • Daily workouts broken down to the most important details: Ride time, Targeted Power/HR/PE, Cadences, Recovery Periods, and Main focus of the workout.
  • Basic Training Peaks account
  • Weekly e-mail communication with coach
  • Continual progression of training program to allow for maximal results

And as with all Human Vortex Training Programs, enjoy ZERO start-up fees!


* month is 28 day billing cycle, No startup fees