Strength Training for Endurance Athletes


Strength Training for Endurance Athletes



Endurance athletes require a very different kind of strength training programming than "traditional sport" athletes. 

Get YOUR programming from the world-leading Strength Coach for Cyclists, and find out why everyone else is just playing around in the weight room.

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Stop joking around in the weight room with box jumps, hamstring curls, squats and lunges, and have your eyes opened to what the best in the world are doing. 

Hint: You have no idea what you're in for. 
Human Vortex Training's Strength training programs for cyclists are challenging, fun, will have you feeling better on and off the bike, and allow you to look and feel great. From the advanced warm-up techniques, to the structure of the programming, you'll be surprised as to how big an impact properly structured Strength training can have on your riding.

- Cycling Specific Strength Training Program
- Address imbalances without spending hours on "Corrective exercises"
- Get programming for the gym that feels familiar: We are cyclists, we know how you feel, and WANT to feel!
- Advanced programming & knowledge of the body
- YOUR personal Strength Training Program written by world-leading Strength Coach for Cyclists
-Tap into the power that advanced programming can offer you

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