Gold Program

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Gold Program



Our highest level, the Gold Program allows you consistent and regular interactions with your coach. This level is for those who have serious goals, and are looking to get their training dialed in for longer periods of time.

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    This program includes:

    • Athlete Profile Review, including sports history/training history, past performances, and current athletic goals
    • Training with Power, Heart Rate, or Perceived Exertion, depending on your preference
    • A Fully personalized focused, Goal oriented training program
    • Baseline Field test to allow for proper training volume, and stress to be determined, and to attain CURRENT Heart Rate and Power Training Zones.
    • Training program which is built entirely around your goals, needs, and training time available
    • Daily workouts broken down to the most important details: Ride time, Targeted Power/HR/Perceived Exertion, Cadences, Recovery Periods, and clear main focus of the workout.
    • Weekly e-mail communication with coach
    • 1x Week 30-45 minute 1-on-1  Phone or Skype calls with coach
    • Constant WhatsApp, Text, Messenger contact with coach
    • Unlimited changes per month on program due to life/illness
    • 2x year Peak Race strategy session. 
    • Continual progression of training program to allow for maximal results
    • Optimal Recovery Coaching, to help you capitalize on your hard work!
    • General Nutrition strategies to help you get lean and fast!
    • Race Day Nutrition Strategies

      * month is 28 day billing cycle, No startup fees