LEOMO Coaching package

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LEOMO Coaching package


Want to be coached with Cutting-Edge technology just like the Pro's?

The LEOMO Type-R gives you the opportunity to get even more out of your powermeter, and to begin to understand how your body is actually working out on the road!

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Training with the LEOMO Type-R allows you to see how your movements change over different efforts, different time periods, and through different cadences. Allowing you to see where the dead spots in your pedaling in, as well as to begin to understand how and why strength training for cycling is so important!

One of the first coaches in the world to be LEOMO Type-R Certified, Coach Brodie brings to you his 10+ years of experience in the Strength & Conditioning field, along with his 9+ years as a Cycling Coach, to help you refine and improve your abilities on the bike. 

Take your riding to the next level, and begin to truly train like the Pro's with the Human Vortex Training LEOMO Type-R based Training Program!

Purchase now and receive:

  • Athlete Profile Review, including sports history/training history, past performances, and current athletic goals
  • Training with Power, Heart Rate, or Perceived Exertion, depending on your preference
  • A Fully personalized training program
  • Baseline Field test to allow for proper training volume, and stress to be determined, and to attain CURRENT Heart Rate and Power Training Zones.
  • Training program which is built entirely around your goals, needs, and training time available
  • Daily workouts broken down to the most important details: Ride time, Targeted Power/HR/Perceived Exertion, Cadences, Recovery Periods, and clear main focus of the workout.
  • Focus work using the LEOMO Type-R to help you put more power to the road
  • Weekly e-mail communication with coach
  • LEOMO Type-R Athlete Account
  • 2x Month 30 minute 1-on-1  Phone or Skype calls with coach
  • Up to 2 changes per month 
  • 1x year Peak Race strategy session. 
  • Optimal Recovery Coaching, to help you capitalize on your hard work!

And as with all Human Vortex Training Programs, enjoy ZERO start-up fees!

*Purchase of the LEOMO Type-R is NOT included in this coaching package, and must be done by the athlete. 

*$299 billed in 28 day billing cycles