Silver Program


Silver Program



Our Silver package allows you to have a bit more flexibility in your training program, as up to 2 changes a month will be made, due to life, or other unforeseen events.

This package includes a higher level of communication with your coach in the forms of a weekly email, and 2x month 30 minute Phone or Skype calls to make sure you're on track for your goals, and to answer any questions you may have.

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    This program includes:

    • Athlete Profile Review, including sports history/training history, past performances, and current athletic goals
    • Training with Power, Heart Rate, or Perceived Exertion, depending on your preference
    • A Fully personalized focused, Goal oriented training program
    • Baseline Field test to allow for proper training volume, and stress to be determined, and to attain CURRENT Heart Rate and Power Training Zones.
    • Training program which is built entirely around your goals, needs, and training time available
    • Daily workouts broken down to the most important details: Ride time, Targeted Power/HR/Perceived Exertion, Cadences, Recovery Periods, and clear main focus of the workout.
    • Weekly e-mail communication with coach
    • 2x Month 30 minute 1-on-1  Phone or Skype calls with coach
    • Up to 2 changes per month on program due to life/illness
    • 1x year Peak Race strategy session. 
    • Continual progression of training program to allow for maximal results
    • Optimal Recovery Coaching, to help you capitalize on your hard work!

      * month is 28 day billing cycle, No startup fees