E-Bikes: The Devil, the Future, or a Blip in history?

“While the e-bikes that have geometry similar to folding bikes are an exception to this, I DO see power-boost Mountain bikes and Road bikes as quickly becoming a way for coaches and athletes to better control training stress on scheduled recovery days or long endurance days, where cutting an athlete’s ride at a specific point may not be feasible (think Kilojoule rides, and taper Target TSS/Intensity Factor rides). In my opinion, this can be HUGE and can significantly boost riders performances, when done properly. “

cyclists & triathletes can improve their performance through strength training & a structured training plan

5 Steps to getting to your Peak Race Weight

There are so many voices out there telling you how you need to get down to your peak race weight- Here I’m going to boil it down to 5 steps- that while easy- are also challenging, to help you get lean AND fast as you head towards your peak race in mid-summer (Late June to Mid-July).

Sick and tired of getting dropped?

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