Strength Training Does Not Mean More, More, More....ESPECIALLY for Cyclists & Triathletes

Cyclists and triathletes as a whole, tend to think that more is more:

  • More Miles
  • More Intensity
  • More Antioxidant-rich shakes
  • Stronger Foam Roller
  • More Intervals in a Workout
  • Adding More Exercises to a Strength Workout

But that’s not how the body best responds, or works.

As we go through our lives, and even our days, the body goes through cycles. This leads to changes in our hormonal status, readiness for activity, and even our ideal sleeping time.

Some times, we will feel like a lion, ready to tackle whatever life throws at us. 

Other times we will feel like we can just barely get through the day.

And yet others, we just feel average.


There is an art to training for performance gains, and in knowing that more often than not, less is more.


The art is in understanding that even on those days that you feel like a beast, sticking to the plan and doing  what’s written- thus less than you feel you can, will help you see phenomenal long-term results. 





These two things, not crushing yourself and then “recovering” between sessions is what will get you there.

If you keep draining the tub, it will take longer to refill (recover and adapt), thus leaving you flustered, upset, and wondering why you’re not seeing any gains. 




Train smarter, not harder, because it IS, all about YOU!

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