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Training Plans

You LOVE your bike. Every turn of the pedals gives you that rush of freedom on the open road, every mountain or hill climbed brings with it that sense of accomplishment, and those group rides? Well, those are some of the most fun and most challenging of all!

But you feel that you still have more that you can accomplish and achieve on the bike...You can feel that you have far more power that you can put down to the pedals, but you just can't seem to unlock it...Maybe it's the frustration of seeing newer riders get stronger and faster than you are, or you're looking to start taking your riding a bit more seriously. You're looking for a training program that is time-tested and proven to work.

Looking for a monthly 100% Personalized Training Plan and to work 1 on1 with an expert coach? Check out our Personalized Training Plans.

If you're not quite ready for a fully personalize training program, and you want to follow a training plan made by a coach with experience, our Pre-Made training plans are just what you're looking for!

Human Vortex Training's Pre-made training plans are here to help you improve through a proven training approach that has helped riders just like you, from around the world. By purchasing a Human Vortex Training made program, you join hundreds of cyclists from around the world who have: 

  • Gone from frustrated "Always the last rider up the climb" to sitting comfortably in or at the front of the group.
  • Lost the extra 15 pounds to finally feel and look like the cyclist they always envisioned
  • "Finally unleashed the power I knew I am capable of!"
  • Made the jump to the "faster group ride" without fear of getting dropped
  • "I am now so proud to now call myself a cyclist! I finally understand why I never got faster or saw any results from all of my riding!"

Are you ready?    


Get started TODAY, with instant access to your Pre-made training plan!

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Crush your first Century Ride!

Don't just finish your first century ride, CRUSH IT!
This workout plan is built to give you the ability to ride strong for your first century ride, in just 110 days. 

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4-week supercharger

Need to gain some serious power, and fast? This 4 week SUPERCHARGER block will challenge you to earn those needed watts!
15-20 Watt gain, is not unusual, but come ready to WORK!

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8 weeks to stronger climbing

Climbing doesn't have to suck! 
With this 8 week training plan, you get some of the "secret sauce" that has helped so many HVT Athletes ride stronger, the world over!


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Lean and fast in 8 weeks

Get lean and fast while you ride your bike, and get expert insights into how to make sure you're fueling enough to help you reach your goals, but not so little that you're sabotaging your efforts.

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Beginner- Get Strong in 8 weeks!

There is nothing as thrilling as your first few months on the bike, and this program will help you gain even more enjoyment, as you learn how to tap into your riding potential!


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Beginner- 12 week Base for a strong year

This 12 week program will give you a solid base of riding and training in the cool months, so you can tackle those epic rides with confidence and strength!

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Don't get dropped on the flats or rollers!

Built to help those who have a tough time keeping up when the group "get's moving" on the flats/rollers, this program will help you boost your cruising speed, and give you more tools to deal with the flats, so you're fresh for the climbs!

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Ride your next gran fondo stronger!

Whether it's a Gran Fondo or your groups longest ride of the summer, this 16 week training plan will give you 2-3 rides a week, along with your weekly group rides, to allow you to ride strong with the group all the way to the finish!

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Broken hand/Collarbone

Unfortunately, sometimes we get injured. But it doesn't mean that you are doomed to lose all your fitness!
This program has proven it's worth in gold time and again- for those looking to come back strong to ride that century ride, or win their peak race, this plan will keep you on track as you recover!

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Ride the tour 2017

This program was designed based off of the Stage profiles, allowing each rider to push their limits and build their fitness, while "riding along with the pro's."

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Beginner- 4 week intro to training

This training block offers you a peek into the world of structured training, advice and guidance from an internationally experienced USA Cycling Certified Coach, and the beginning tools to take your riding to the next level!

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Beginner- Gain Watts

This program is built for beginners who have been riding between 6-8 hours for 2-4 months prior, and who are looking to increase their Functional Lactate Threshold Power on the bike, and to dive into proper on-bike training.

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Maximize Climbing Speed and Power!

Climbing- you either love it, or hate it. It is an integral part of being a strong rider, yet so many riders don't train to truly maximize their abilities. This program is designed to improve your climbing strength & speed, as well as give you the tools necessary to keep the hammer down, even after you've finished the climb.

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