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For riders who are done dabbling, and ready for results

100% Personalized Training plan



You're tired of finishing in the middle or back of the group on climbs, having these aches & pains that people say are "part of aging", struggling to recover between rides, and even failing to lose weight... You know that with the help of a highly knowledgeable and experienced coach, you CAN unlock your full potential!


Pre-Made training plans


You're serious about your riding and you're looking for some guidance from an expert to help you tackle a specific area, but you're not looking for a personal program just yet. You want something that's proven to work. Our Pre-Made Training plans are just what you need to help you tackle your goal!


New Rider looking to learn?

So you've got your bike and your helmet, and you're riding....but you have many questions like: 

  • How do I choose bib shorts?
  • How do I sit on the saddle for best performance and comfort?
  • Why is Cadence important?
  • How do I put my bike on the trainer for indoor riding?

Coach Brodie has videos to help you learn more about the ins and outs of riding, so you can ride confidently, and begin to really understand the incredible world that is cycling!

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We've helped athletes Worldwide to achieve their goals!

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Coaching and Training Plans for Cyclists with Heart Rate, Power, TrainerRoad, Zwift, Garmin Connect, and Training Peaks by Professional International cycling & strength coach Menachem Brodie

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Peak Performance comes from more than just physical abilities. We help you train your physical AND Mental capabilities, thus unlocking your full potential in and out of your sport.

Check out Coach Brodie's Essays and posts focused on helping you get the most out of yourself!