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For riders done "riding" and who want results

Human Vortex Training offers an incredibly unique approach to coaching cyclists and endurance athletes around the world. And while our skillset and knowledge is far-reaching, we're not for everybody. 

If you're looking for a drill sergeant or cheer-leader to be your coach....we're not it. 

Over the last 10 years, we've been refining and expanding our coaching skills and tools to help those who have a busy schedule and are in need of finding that healthy balance between work, family, and training, and want an expert coach with a broader view of how to keep everything balanced, so they can build their fitness, get to that happy body weight, or just feel great on and off the bike!

From the 20 something road racer who is looking to get to Cat 1 while being the best professional they can be at work, to the 50 something doctor who wants to stay healthy and lead by example for his patients & kids, while enjoying time out on the road with his wife. 

If you're a professional in something else, but take your riding & health seriously and are looking to work together with an expert coach to reach your goals, you're in the right place!

Working together as a team, we build a training plan around YOUR current needs and goals, utilizing Strength Training and Nutrition Coaching as needed (or wanted), to ensure that you're not losing that healthy balance in your life. 

To us, cycling isn't just a sport, it's a healthy lifestyle that supports and improves all other aspects in our lives.

Welcome to the Tribe of HVT Athletes from around the world....we've been waiting for you!


I want to be coached!

You want a 100% 1-on-1 coaching experience?

With a personalized monthly training program taking into account your Family time, Work Schedule, and Travel Schedule, you can choose how much 1 on 1 coaching you receive: 

Want face time with your coach each week, and perhaps constant contact?
The Silver or Gold Package is for you!

You have the riding part nailed down to what works for you, but need coaching just for the Nutritional side to help you keep up your energy and recovery while hitting your goals?Nutrition Coaching is for you!

Need an expert with over 10 years experience to get you onto a Strength Training Program made for Cyclists, and not Arnold? Our Strength Training Coaching via Online is exactly what you've been looking for!


I want to learn more about riding!

I want to train with a plan on my own!

Our Ready-Made training plans have been carefully put together to offer you the Human Vortex Training Philosophy, in a training plan that has been tested and proven numerous times over, by HVT Athletes from around the world.

Our Ready-Made plans are offered on the Training Peaks platform, so you can download your plan to your cycling computer, Zwift, or Phone, making the programs easy to follow, no matter where you are or where you're training!

Riding on your trainer in a log cabin in the middle of the Serbian Forrest mid-December? No problem!

Riding outside on a beautiful 60 degree day in New York mid-February? No problem!


I want to be healthy and pain Free!


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