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Cyclists come from all kinds of backgrounds and athletic experiences. From those in their mid 50’s who have been athletically active their whole lives, to college students who are discovering the sport of cycling, we are one diverse group who share a common passion.

Unlike most mainstream sports, cycling offers us a unique opportunity to work with coaches for a wide number of reasons:

  • Increase Fitness
  • Lose weight
  • Stay healthy & Active
  • Become more competitive in races
  • Become a Pro Cyclist
  • Accomplish a Bucket List goal of riding Alpe d’Huez
  • Get pain free
  • And many more…

While there are a number of YouTube channels, videos, and magazines that can help us self-learn, there is a limit to what we can accomplish with these guides, which can lead us to hit a wall in our progression, get bored of our riding, burn out, become over-trained, and even get injured. 

It’s incredibly frustrating to get on the bike and see your power numbers lower than they were just a few weeks ago, or have that feeling of helplessness as you desperately try to put power down to the pedals to keep with the group which you once led up the climb, leave you behind as you struggle your way to the top, huffing and puffing, only to be met by the eyes of the group wondering “What happened? He/She used to be the first one up this climb!”

I’ve been there myself, I know the feeling too well: The sense of desperations that works its way into frustration and deep disappointment in oneself, leaving you to wonder “Was that the best I could ever do? Did I reach my all-time peak and am now on my way down?”

The answer is NO. You CAN do better, and you DO have more power in you! You just need help & guidance from someone who knows how to get you to where you want to be!

But you’re not in need of just a “cycling coach”, you have a clear vision in mind of the kind of coach you want & need. You want a coach who:

  • Brings professional structure into your riding 
  • Can be both a Mentor and a Coach, depending on what you need
  • Is knowledgeable, trustworthy, & honest- He can tell you the hard truths, but in a way you are motivated to tackle them!
  • Is a professional- THIS is their job
  • Is constantly reading, learning, and keeping up to date with things
  • Understands the body on and off the bike
  • Has the ability to work WITH you, not be a drill sergeant
  • Takes time to listen to your needs, & builds a program around YOUR life and work schedule
  • Will include different kinds of riding if you enjoy them
  • Give you workouts with variety, challenging you to improve current skills, and develop new skills

Perhaps most importantly, you need a coach who actively seeks out feedback, takes questions, listens to your concerns, and helps you understand the answers.

Working with a cycling coach is not one-size-fits-all, and that is why we offer one of the most extensive coaching options in the world. Depending on your goals, cycling needs, and desired level of contact with your coach, our Coaching programs are here to help ensure you get exactly what you are seeking. 

However, because of our extensive offerings, we have only a limited number of spots available for each coaching program. While this may seem a bit unusual to you (who turns away people who WANT to pay and be coached?!?!), this allows us to offer every athlete we work with an extremely high level of coaching. 

Take a look for yourself at our Coaching programs, find the one that best suits you and your desired level of communication & needs, and let’s get started!

If the program you want is sold out, fill out the contact form below, and we’ll add you to the waiting list for that level. Spots do open up from time to time for a number of reasons: From athletes absolutely SMASHING their goal events and moving on, to those who have gotten pregnant and need to take some time off the bike as they start their new families. 

Weird that a coaching company is telling you that athletes move on?

It shouldn’t be!

Cycling is a fantastically wonderful and fun part of our lives- a part we truly love. Yet there are times in life where cycling will be something we do for fun or as a part of a healthy lifestyle….and while it will always be a part of us, it’s not always the right time for having a coach. 

You see, as Albert Einstein once said:

We couldn’t agree more….

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