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Getting your corrective exercises in should NOT take you 45 min, unless you're working intensively with a physical therapist, or strength specialist for a super focused block. Pairing together exercises in a pre planned and we'll thought out fashion can significantly boost the impact and effectiveness of your strength programming. Here we have a few athletes performing the Blackburn shoulder series immediately after their sets of 4 rep bench presses. However, you MUST plan the rest periods appropriately to get the results you're after..... Don't know how to do this? Sign up now for the wait list to get into our brand new, world-leading Strength Training for Cyclists Certification and get in when the course opens in early 2020! (Link to website in bio👆) Impatient, or working with Triathletes? Grab a copy of my Strength Training for Triathlon success course on Training Peaks University! #strengthcoach #strengthtraining #cyclinglife #trilife #strengthcoach #trainsmarternotharder #doyouevenliftbro

Couldn't sleep, so spent an hour of GRATITUDE at predawn. It can be challenging to destress, especially when life throws you curve balls. However, learning how to let things go, and know they are somehow for the best, can help you reap massive gains in sport and life. Nobody said it was easy, but it can be either a terrifying ride, or super exciting and enjoyable rollercoaster ride. The choice is yours. #pixel3 #stars #predawn #grateful #gratitude #4am #3am #matchbox20 #strengthcoach #training #trilife #cyclinglife #notaraceday

Learning how to move from the shoulder joint, instead of just slamming your shoulder blades all the way back and together, or letting them shoot all the way forward, is challenging.....but incredibly rewarding. Many a cyclist takes their shoulder health and abilities for granted, which significantly decreases performance over time. Making MOVEMENT QUALITY and balancing out the massively repetitive movements that are integral parts of our sport will allow you to to see far greater gains and to look, feel, and move better. Standing band pull aparts, when done properly, do not require much resistance, and can significantly aid your climbing and sprinting abilities, as well as your TT aero position holding abilities. Start off with a very light band, focusing on ROTATION from the ball and socket, not from the shoulder blades. #strengthtraining #cyclinglife #cyclegram #triathlontraining #trilife #strengthcoach

A few weeks ago I posted this exact same exercise, explaining why "getting movement" is NOT the same as doing am exercises properly. Today you can see how the movements are now from the correct places- my ankle joint. Don't mistake movement, for quality movement. When you understand this, and are able to implement it for yourself and your athletes, you'll begin to see some fantastic results and increases in strength and abilities. #hashtag #movement #strengthcoach #strengthtraining #qualityoverquantity #fitspo #instafit #cyclinglife #cyclegram #returnfrominjury #physicaltherapy

#repost from "The Dean of Hips" @dsomerset1 A fantastic post to help guide you through your desire to #squat Because let's face it, not everyone (especially cyclists and Triathletes) cans or should "drop it like it's hot" Questions? DM me, or, sign up for the HVT Newsletter to get a super special first-dibs offer for my Strength Training for Cyclists Certification course, opening this weekend! #cyclinglife #cyclegram #instafit #triathlontraining #strengthcoach #strengthtraining #triathlon #trilife

Many of you have been sending me private messages asking what the injury looked like, and why the scar is so big.... So instead of answering one at a time, I'll just do it here: I have a 4.5 inch metal plate with 7 screws to hold the fibula together. The surgery went fast, and the surgeon and his team did a fantastic job- not just in the operation itself, but before and after. Taking the time to listen to me, get to know me a bit, and truly recognizing the importance of my getting back to a full 100% of my pre-injury abilities, due to my needing high functionality as a fitness profession working with jumping, sprinting, speed, running, and cycling. It's been a very interesting journey, and on with lots of ups and downs, but it's also been very productive. Thank you to everyone sending well wishes, it means a lot. Looking forward to seeing you out on the road, back in the gym, and back on the court soon! #strengthcoach #strengthtraining #injury #brokenankle #fitness #fitspo #cyclinglife #cyclegram #instafit #triathlontraining #triathlon #coach #coachinglife

If you're squeamish, don't swipe to the other two. A hair under 3 months ago, I broke my fibula. Thankfully it was a closed fracture, and clean break. Yesterday, for the first time since the break, I managed to Walk without crutches...well technically it was much more of a waddle. It's been a very difficult 3 months, and even more challenging 8 months. Having not been on the bike, or doing a lot of training or fitness building activities that I've built into my daily and weekly habits. Truth be told, for the last 5 months, I haven't done much of anything in the way of training, aside from small amounts of work to keep my hip happy. And you know what? Its ok. I'm not saying this to convince you, or worse yet, myself of this .... It really is ok, because it's allowed my to out focus on other areas integral to health, fitness, and well-being, including: Nutrition Sleep Mental Strength Dialing in my nutrition Fitness and health isn't about only how much weight you can move or how long/hard you can go. There is far more to it. #injury #scars #fitness #fitspo #strengthcoach #strengthtraining #cyclegram #triathlontraining #triathlon #walking #waddleon

Making the most of this forced time off due to injury has been really productive. There have been good days, and bad days, and some days were absolutely awful. Through it all I've been able to keep a pretty steady eye on the horizon, while knocking off almost 1/5 of the books on my reading list. Why books? TV/Netflix was great for the first 2 weeks after surgery when the pain was at it's worst, as I could doze off in the middle of something and not think twice about it....but i find it really challenging to keep my attention on a TV show. Here and there they're fun l, but just not for me. It was the same thing when riding the trainer indoors, some people really love movies or binge watching shows while on the trainer, but I just couldn't do it....so I passed the time with audiobooks or watching documentaries I found interesting on YouTube.... yeah sometimes I had to rewind a good 5-10 min (depending on the intervals at hand) but it at least felt more productive What about you? What do you do to help with forced time off, or otherwise required tasks that don't require much thought? Music? Audiobooks? Share with me down below! #cyclinglife #injured #backtothebike #books #coffee #frenchpress #strengthcoach

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