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Sick and tired of getting dropped?

If you’re fed up with getting dropped at every climb, or getting beaten at the line, download our intervals guide, INSTANTLY!



Today's weights, tonight's dinner and aperitif: Had a great virtual training session today with a client. She used 2 bricks and a 5kg bag of rice in a reusable shopping bag.... I used a @bunnahabhain 12 year old scotch, and a bunch of canned goods for my #12kg Imagination is key in these times. Don't have weights at home? No problem! Want to get stronger? Contact me today for either virtual sessions, or a training plan!

@ljnicolette we LOVE the flannel "house pants", in fact I have a pair in red and black lumberjack, with the jacket to match. Thanks for the tag, and for sharing with the kids at #clairton to keep reading! #readingrocks #author #book #cyclinglife #cyclingcoach #cyclegram #TheVortexMethod

What am I doing in between writing training plans and doing virtual training sessions? . . Re-reading (for the 4th time) #HowardMarks #MasteringTheCycle this time the physical book. . . While I love reading on my #kindle I've found that there are some books that I just must have a physical copy of. There's something about before ng able to dog-ear a page, write in the margins, and use a real highlighter, that just cannot be replaced. I'm like a hungry lion just sitting and waiting for the market to come to me.... It's been painful so far, yes. But I know in the mid to long run, I'll be ahead. Patience young grasshopper, patience. #readingrocks #books #learning #foreverstudent

Quarantined at home with little to no strength training equipment? No problem! We workout like in the old days! Don't let your fitness drop at a time when it's needed most (to keep you healthy and strong!), Message me to get started with your own home workout program! No equipment? No problem!

We may love flying down the road or trail, but stopping to take a break and soak it all in....takes it to a whole new level! Found this gorgeous tree flourishing on today's adventure. Never before seen (by me). #asseenonmyride #instacycling #instafit #cyclingcoach #cyclinglife

Congrats #HVTathlete and past PSP athlete @mbrisker5 on making it to the @winnerleague #allstars you've worked hard, well deserved!!!

My first book is now available on Kindle! It's alive!!!!

So a lot of people ask me... LOLZ 🤣 (@benbrunotraining) but really, they do...usually coaches: How do we build into an athletes program the MENTAL side of training? Well folks, @drlewisconsulting And I have teamed up for a workshop this October, to give you answers to your physical and mental planning questions, and to help you build up your mental and physical training abilities! This 2 day workshop will focus on helping YOU improve yourself (and your athletes) mental and physical skills and tools, to be fitter, faster, and stronger out on course. Geared towards cyclists, triathletes, runners, and endurance coaches (and athletes) this workshop will include hands-on and practical breakout sessions, as well as fantastic lectures (and cat photos). Sign up for the HVTraining Newsletter to get early bird pricing, and all the details. But SAVE THE DATE: October 10 and 11, 2020 at CORE, in Boston, Massachusetts!

Sick and tired of getting dropped?

If you're fed up with getting dropped at every climb, or getting beaten at the line, download our intervals guide, INSTANTLY!

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