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Did you catch my podcast interview with @alexcpovey ? I've NEVER opened up this much before, anywhere. We talk a lot about the adversity and challenges I've had in my life, and how they pushed me to get better and BE better. Take a listen!

Since 2007 I've been taking on and off bike assessment videos of the athletes Ive coached and worked with from around the world. Literally tens of thousands of videos from thousands of assessments. Unfortunately some have been lost in the transfer from old technology to new, and updating of storage methods, While the films are valuable, I find the verbal notes I took while filming are the true treasures, as I can see how far I've grown as a coach in what and how I look for different individuals movement patterns, and how to help them maximize their personal movement abilities and advantages. If you're a coach, don't let technology get in the way or hinder your professional development. Keep notes, take video, write down your training philosophy and principles....what's helped you develop them, and why they're important to you. If your unsure why this is important or how it will help you become a far better human being, let alone coach, just pick up a copy of @raydalio Principles and give it a read. You're welcome.

As a cyclist or Triathlete, squatting in and of itself is NOT going to help you build your in-sport abilities.... That will come by producing the best POSTURE AND POSITIONS to get the correct muscles firing, and producing stiffness. Here we see an athlete performing a safety bar back squat to a box, with a pause. This pause is not a relaxation, but rather holding maximal stiffness in the working muscles. This is a fantastically difficult variation of a squat- especially for after long, hard rides, where the body may be a bit worn down and unable to handle heavy loads. Don't have a safety squat bar? No worries, use a goblet style squat with a dumbell or kettlebell, or you can just do your prescribed back or front barbell squats. The weight for these will be roughly 60-75% of what you would normally squat for the prescribed reps per set, as the tissue loads and neuromuscular stress will be more than usual. If you want to learn more about corestrength for Cyclists and Triathletes, check out our latest blog at the Human Vortex Training website #linkinbio

If you're looking to take your coaching abilities to the next level, there are 2 skills that should be at the top of the list for any fitness pro with some hours under their belt: 1. Psych skills to help your athlete or client do better 2. Learning how to coach women for their unique physiology In January you get the opportunity to take your skills for option #1 up a few levels. Sign up for the wait list and make sure you get in to this fantastic course !!! Privy to take an inside look before it's release, there are some turbo chargers for your results toolkit in there!

Every year, sometime between October and February, I like to "mine" through my old notebooks from the coaching sessions and client training programs. This is something I picked up from my powerlifting coach back in the late 90's/ early 2000's, and is an incredibly powerful tool to both see how I've improved in how I coach (each athlete, and as a whole training philosophy), as well as to reconnect with small, but powerful thoughts or ideas. A "side effect" is getting to see when and how my coaching philosophy took major changes and why. Here we have 2 pages of notes on coaching and training women, circa 2011/2012. This was waaaaaaayyyyyyyyy ahead of what many athletes and coaches were thinking at the time. I still recall some of the emails and DM's I was getting telling me that I was recommending "bodybuilder levels of protein intake for endurance athletes, especially women" and that I would "lead these cyclists & Triathletes to putting on unnecessary weight and looking like bodybuilders". Thankfully I had the fortitude to stick with what was working for the athletes I was working with, as they saw massive changes in their abilities, especially to recover, to train and perform better! It's not noted, but I'm pretty sure during the research I did for this athlete is when I first found @drstacysims this was just as she was getting her stuff out there and beginning to get into podcasts etc, if I'm not mistaken. While the (research) tides have turned and we now see recommendations well above the 1.8-2g I had my athletes using back then (through trial and error to find what worked for each of them), we are STILL seeing many myths proliferate thanks to misinformed people with large social media followings. Now we all make mistakes (I've made a few myself) it's imperative that we correct them when we realize it. Proud to be a part of those working hard to improve women's fitness and training approaches to unleash your ultimate power & strength! #periodproud #womensfitness #strengthtraining #strengthcoach #cyclinglife #trilife #triathlontraining #womenarenotsmallmen #coachinglife #doyouevenliftbro #ladieswholift

Why is everyone in such a rush to jump to fancy "new" exercises? Well, often times it's to throw it up on @instagram to gain followers/attention....forget that noise! There are some movements in a professional strength coaches toolbox that can and SHOULD be used for all levels...with a few appropriate adjustments! Here we have @mbrisker5 performing a more advanced variation of the @backfitpro bird-dog, focusing on a stiffening of the core to produce power and explosiveness at the limbs. He's preparing for a heavy strength day. Meanwhile @guydoron9 is performing a recovery session version, focusing on connecting muscles that are a little tired and/or sore, to produce and maintain core stiffness, helping to develop and maintain great learned movement patterns, even under fatigue. 2 different athletes, performing different strength sessions for the day, using the same BASIC movements in their warmup. You DO NOT need more and more and more "tools" to progress an athlete, but rather to do some critical thinking on how they are moving, what they need to improve, and building variations of "the basics" which meets them where they are, to get them to where they want or need to be. #strengthcoach #big3 #mcgillbig3 #warmup #cyclinglife #trilife #triathlontraining #strengthtraining #basketball #ballersonly #morebounce #coachinglife

Getting your corrective exercises in should NOT take you 45 min, unless you're working intensively with a physical therapist, or strength specialist for a super focused block. Pairing together exercises in a pre planned and we'll thought out fashion can significantly boost the impact and effectiveness of your strength programming. Here we have a few athletes performing the Blackburn shoulder series immediately after their sets of 4 rep bench presses. However, you MUST plan the rest periods appropriately to get the results you're after..... Don't know how to do this? Sign up now for the wait list to get into our brand new, world-leading Strength Training for Cyclists Certification and get in when the course opens in early 2020! (Link to website in bio👆) Impatient, or working with Triathletes? Grab a copy of my Strength Training for Triathlon success course on Training Peaks University! #strengthcoach #strengthtraining #cyclinglife #trilife #strengthcoach #trainsmarternotharder #doyouevenliftbro

Couldn't sleep, so spent an hour of GRATITUDE at predawn. It can be challenging to destress, especially when life throws you curve balls. However, learning how to let things go, and know they are somehow for the best, can help you reap massive gains in sport and life. Nobody said it was easy, but it can be either a terrifying ride, or super exciting and enjoyable rollercoaster ride. The choice is yours. #pixel3 #stars #predawn #grateful #gratitude #4am #3am #matchbox20 #strengthcoach #training #trilife #cyclinglife #notaraceday

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