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Sick and tired of getting dropped?

If you’re fed up with getting dropped at every climb, or getting beaten at the line, download our intervals guide, INSTANTLY!



So a lot of people ask me... LOLZ 🤣 (@benbrunotraining) but really, they do...usually coaches: How do we build into an athletes program the MENTAL side of training? Well folks, @drlewisconsulting And I have teamed up for a workshop this October, to give you answers to your physical and mental planning questions, and to help you build up your mental and physical training abilities! This 2 day workshop will focus on helping YOU improve yourself (and your athletes) mental and physical skills and tools, to be fitter, faster, and stronger out on course. Geared towards cyclists, triathletes, runners, and endurance coaches (and athletes) this workshop will include hands-on and practical breakout sessions, as well as fantastic lectures (and cat photos). Sign up for the HVTraining Newsletter to get early bird pricing, and all the details. But SAVE THE DATE: October 10 and 11, 2020 at CORE, in Boston, Massachusetts!

Dudes breaking ankles, and moving better. Lots of work from the summer until now that nobody sees being done, showing on the court. Great stuff @mbrisker5 keep Killin em!

DrEaMiNg of crisp spring days of riding!

While I absolutely LOVE learning about human performance and tinkering to get the best possible results for those I coach, and who follow me, sometimes i miss the feeling of being a complete newcomer to something. So for the last 2-3 years or so, I've been learning about personal finance, and how to master the game. At this point I'm something around 45-50 books in, and have been fortunate enough to have gotten hooked on the fast track to "best advice"(Hint, it takes time, effort, consistency, doing your research, and being patient....all traits that have been developed along my professional career the last 20+ years in the fitness field). And, it takes being a contrarian, going against what everyone is doing or what seems to be "clear". It may have taken me 12 years in the fitness game before coming to my senses to help my athletes get phenomenal results, mostly by taking a contrarian view on things I knew to be true against "common knowledge".... But in the personal finance field, I have no problem putting my stake in the ground. Very excited to get this classic in the mail today. It even smells like" rich mahogany, and many old books". Stay curious, keep learning new things- in and out of your field!

Did you catch my podcast interview with @alexcpovey ? I've NEVER opened up this much before, anywhere. We talk a lot about the adversity and challenges I've had in my life, and how they pushed me to get better and BE better. Take a listen!

Since 2007 I've been taking on and off bike assessment videos of the athletes Ive coached and worked with from around the world. Literally tens of thousands of videos from thousands of assessments. Unfortunately some have been lost in the transfer from old technology to new, and updating of storage methods, While the films are valuable, I find the verbal notes I took while filming are the true treasures, as I can see how far I've grown as a coach in what and how I look for different individuals movement patterns, and how to help them maximize their personal movement abilities and advantages. If you're a coach, don't let technology get in the way or hinder your professional development. Keep notes, take video, write down your training philosophy and principles....what's helped you develop them, and why they're important to you. If your unsure why this is important or how it will help you become a far better human being, let alone coach, just pick up a copy of @raydalio Principles and give it a read. You're welcome.

As a cyclist or Triathlete, squatting in and of itself is NOT going to help you build your in-sport abilities.... That will come by producing the best POSTURE AND POSITIONS to get the correct muscles firing, and producing stiffness. Here we see an athlete performing a safety bar back squat to a box, with a pause. This pause is not a relaxation, but rather holding maximal stiffness in the working muscles. This is a fantastically difficult variation of a squat- especially for after long, hard rides, where the body may be a bit worn down and unable to handle heavy loads. Don't have a safety squat bar? No worries, use a goblet style squat with a dumbell or kettlebell, or you can just do your prescribed back or front barbell squats. The weight for these will be roughly 60-75% of what you would normally squat for the prescribed reps per set, as the tissue loads and neuromuscular stress will be more than usual. If you want to learn more about corestrength for Cyclists and Triathletes, check out our latest blog at the Human Vortex Training website #linkinbio

If you're looking to take your coaching abilities to the next level, there are 2 skills that should be at the top of the list for any fitness pro with some hours under their belt: 1. Psych skills to help your athlete or client do better 2. Learning how to coach women for their unique physiology In January you get the opportunity to take your skills for option #1 up a few levels. Sign up for the wait list and make sure you get in to this fantastic course !!! Privy to take an inside look before it's release, there are some turbo chargers for your results toolkit in there!

Sick and tired of getting dropped?

If you're fed up with getting dropped at every climb, or getting beaten at the line, download our intervals guide, INSTANTLY!

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