The World's First Strength Training For Cyclists Certification Course​

Your clients aren’t looking for weight room strength. They want performance gains. 

Learn the system & skills that deliver- every time. 

The difference between those who falter and those who are consistently on the podium is not natural talent…  

It’s PROPER physical preparation.

Coaches and athletes around the world are searching for quality information about strength training for cycling, and how to use strength training to improve cycling strength, power, and performance…

But the information available is spread across the internet, with no clear instructions or path.

How should a coach assess their rider? 

Is there a different assessment for Masters riders and Pro’s?

Is a 1RM (1 repetition max/ 1 Rep Max) necessary?

How many sets and repetitions?

What exercises are best?

While some coaches look to get certified as personal trainers or strength coaches, those courses and certifications aren’t designed to help you dive deep into the world of cycling, it’s multiple sports, and the incredibly unique needs that riders of each sport have.

Which is why I’ve poured my 25+ years of experience into the Strength Training for Cyclists Certification course- the first in the world of it’s kind.

With this Certification, you gain INSTANT access to:

A 100% online course, available on laptop, desktop, and mobile, covering these key areas:

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Breath-work
  • Planning for a Pro vs. Amateur rider
  • Building a training program from scratch
  • How to match strength training to support and accelerate on-bike training 
  • Year-round strength training for significantly improved performance and lower risk of injury
  • Sample training programs
  • On bike Assessment
  • Off-Bike Movement Analysis
  • Off-Bike Assessment
  •  Over 75 exercise progressions and regressions for cyclists & their unique demands

You’ll walk away with a new level of confidence when it comes to designing and implementing skill-level appropriate training programs for your athletes, and join coaches from around the world in over 8 different countries, and 4 continents who are helping their athletes get stronger and see results in their riding.

Who’s this for?

If you’re a coach looking to improve your own results and the results of those you work with, this is your ideal solution. 

Now you can gain the credibility that comes with a specialty certification…a specialty that’s been ignored far too long, if the truth be known!

Why a certification?

Cycling is unlike any other sport and needs to be prepared for, as such.

A recreational lifting workout taken from some glossy magazine will NOT work.

Nor will some hard-core body building program.

Think a dry-land swimming program will suffice?

Of course not…

Generic programs will give you generic results!

Cycling requires a fine balance between many physical traits that require expertise.

This certification provides the credibility and knowledge you’re looking for…in a form that’s HIGHLY specific to our sport.

Now you can finally produce programs that actually work for their intended sport-specific purpose.


Coaching CEU’s

This course is worth:
1.7 NSCA CEU’s
1.6 NASM CEU’s
8 USA Cycling CEU’s
5 USA Triathlon CEU’s (approved USAT provider)

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