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strength training for cyclists requires an understanding of how to train for cycling
strength training for cycling & triathlon requires an understanding of how to train for the sport of triathlon
strength training for cyclists & triathletes requires understanding of movement
strength training for cyclists & triathletes requires understanding of nutrition
Strength training for cyclists & triathletes requires understanding of strength training
strength training for cyclists & triathletes requires understanding of how the bike & human interact


  • I’m riding more but I’m not getting faster, I guess this is the fastest I’ll ever be… 
  • I’ve been riding hard consistently for the last X months/years, why is my climbing still behind everyone else in my group?
  • Why can’t I lose weight? I want to get leaner and faster, but it seems like I’m either getting sick, injured, or seeing no results at all!
  • I need a coach who understands that I’m not in my 20’s anymore, and can help keep me healthy, fit, and fast for the long-run, on and off the bike.
  • Balancing work, family and cycling is really tough…I just can’t get in enough riding to get to where I want to be
  • My back/ hips/ knees/ shoulders have been really bothering me on my rides, I used to love riding, but now it’s like my body is betraying me, how can I fix this?
  • I’ve been trying to follow some of these online training plans, but I either wind up really exhausted, burned out, or realize that I’m just not getting what I need…. I want a coach with experience who can help me get it right!


If you’ve found yourself saying any of these things, Human Vortex Training is the right coaching system for you!

Since 2008 we’ve gone out seeking the information and skills that YOU want and need your coach to have, in order to help you far beyond the average cycling coach. From Strength Training for cyclists, to mental coaching and lifestyle changes, you get world-class knowledge and coaching so you can crush your goals and targets!

Just think, with “big picture” coaching from HVT you’ll:

  • Show up to your favorite group ride knowing how to shine- as an individual and as a team rider
  • Be able to get rid of the “small aches” before they lead to lost ride time or bigger injuries
  • Have other riders asking you “What have you been doing to get so strong?”
  • Know that every time you head out for a ride, you’re getting exactly what you need to hit your goals
  • Look and feel great, on and off the bike!

We’re here to help you feel fantastic on the bike, so you can push the pedals harder and show what you can REALLY do. 

Are you ready to make it happen?

Here’s what to do next:
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Cyclists & triathletes can ride stronger, look better, and feel great with the help of expert coaching & strength training programs
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