The Strong Savvy Cyclist & Triathlete Podcast

The Strong Savvy Cyclist & Triathlete Podcast presented by Human Vortex Training & USA Cycling Expert Level Coach Menachem Brodie gives cyclists & triathletes of all levels & abilities the opportunity to learn about Strength training, Physiology, Psychology, Nutrition, & much more, as Coach Brodie shares his experience and talks with other top experts.

Taking YOUR questions, we’re here to help you get more out of your training, and to learn how to “Train Smarter, Not Harder, because it is all about YOU!™”

Episode 16 – Jason Fitzgerald- Strength Running Has Kept Me Running Nearly Injury Free Since 2009

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Strength Training for Triathletes Course

Episode 15 – Selene Yeager – “Make it Easy”

In this Episode: Introduction: Selene Yeager Evolution of Fitness: Training and Cycling Transition to Run and Bike Hamstring Tightness for Cyclists vs. Runners Managing Travel …

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Episode 14 – Dr. Sarah Duvall – Pelvic Floor & Diastasis – Coming Back Stronger Than Ever Before!

In this Episode: Introduction: Dr. Sarah Duvall Common Fears Among Women Returning to Running Postpartum Common Considerations for Diastasis Pelvic Floor Connections Common Red Flags …

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Episode 13 – Meghan Callaway- Treat Each Session As You Would Your Race, Be 100% Present Mentally

In this Episode: Meghan Callaway Unstable Surface Training Recovery Breathing Overtraining Visual, Oral, Written, and Kinesthetic Common Themes With Successful Clients – Coaching & Cueing …

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strength training for cycling coaching

Episode 12 – Kameel Abdurrahman, Bike Fitting & The 3 Pillars of Bike Performance

In this Episode: Kameel Abdurrahman Trends of Fits Assessment Primary Muscles for Cycling Lack of Strength/Balance and Effects on Fitting Upper Body Exercises Positioning Coaching …

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Strength Training for cyclists, Strength Training for Triathletes

Episode 11 – What do you need to be your best?

In this Episode: Introduction Menachem’s Story Injury The 80% Rule What Do You Need To Be Your Best? Conclusion       Show Notes: 0:42 …

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Episode 10 – Dean Somerset – Strength Training for Cyclists: from 1800w – 2000w

In this Episode: Dean Somerset Mindset Evolution Squat Loading and Methods Individual Body Awareness Breathing Training Shoulder Position Spine Range of Motion Injury Prevention Tissue …

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Episode 9 – Dr. Stuart McGill – Part 2: Be an Athlete 24/7

In this Episode: Introduction Micromovements Corrective Exercise Myths for Cyclists Strength Training Approaches for Cyclists and Triathletes Coaching Key Points for Cyclists and Triathletes to …

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Episode 8 – Dr. Stuart McGill – Part 1

In this Episode: Dr. Stuart McGill Common Themes for Cyclists’ Back and Hip Pain Strength Training: Overtraining and Neurological Training Dysfunction Transference and Transition Injury …

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Episode 7 – Tony Gentilcore Pt. 2 – Go the F*#& to Sleep: Why Recovery is Easier Than You Think

In this Episode: Introduction Yellow Flags in Strength Training Earn the Right to Increase Weight Go Through a Session Without Increasing Weight (De)hydration, Blood Volume, …

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Having strength on the bike makes climbing a lot more enjoyable

Episode 6 – Tony Gentilcore – Offset the Risks

In this Episode: Tony Gentilcore Shoulder Significance Positioning Breathing Mechanics Mid-back Entertainment Value of Strength Training Exercises Importance of Breathing Core Control and Stiffness Posture …

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Episode 5 – Strength, Agility & Speed for Triathletes and Runners

In this Episode: Overview of Episode 3 With Kasey Hill Ask Questions and Stay Curious Core Control and Hip Hinge Focus on Process Not Outcome …

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Episode 4 – Lee Taft – Teaching Speed For Runners & Triathletes

In this Episode: Lee Taft Speed and Agility Importance of Foot and Ankle Joints Exercises Using Time vs. Distance Priorities of a Triathlete Proper Strength …

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strength training for cycling coach


Dr. Kasey Hill is a Sports Medicine Doctor in Baton Rouge, LA, who has been helping Runners, Triathletes, and a variety of other athletes get …

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Strength & power for cycling performance


Many coaches, cyclists, runners, and triathletes talk about force creation in the sport….but many miss the important linchpin that STIFFNESS CONTROLS MOTION. Today we talk …

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In our first podcast we talk about why the answer to many fitness & training related questions are not simple or straight forward. More often …

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