Strength Training for Cyclists and Triathletes



strength training for cyclists requires an understanding of how to train for cycling
strength training for cycling & triathlon requires an understanding of how to train for the sport of triathlon
Coach Brodie is the only cycling & triathlon coach certified in the McGill Method
strength training for cyclists & triathletes requires understanding of nutrition
Strength training for cyclists & triathletes requires understanding of strength training
strength training for cyclists & triathletes requires understanding of how the bike & human interact

Learn from THE AUTHORITY on Strength Training for Cyclists & Triathletes

It seems like everyone is claiming to know how to perform strength training for cyclists & triathletes. . . yet few have actually done it with great knowledge and understanding of how to train for our unique sports. Coach Brodie has presented internationally on the subject, teaching coaches from 4 continents, as well as has written the most in depth and detailed book on the subject. 

The Human Vortex Training strength training for cyclists & triathletes courses are all offered online, so you can learn when & where is convenient for you. 


Strength training for cyclists certification course

Strength Training for Cyclists Certification Course

Strength training for cycling requires understanding the specific adaptations that we must get from our strength training, how to build a strength program for our specific sports and their unique demands, and knowing how to program strength training through the entire year. Learn all that and more in the world's first Strength Training for Cyclists Certification.

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Strength Training for Cyclists Online Course

Foundations of Strength Training for Cycling Performance Course

Learn the foundations of strength training for cycling and bring your knowledge up to speed on what ACTUALLY works for cyclists. Worth 3 USA Cycling CEU's

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strength training for cycling success course

Strength Training for Cycling Success Course - Training Peaks University

We know it's important to help us stay healthy, get faster, and enjoy our riding more. But how do you know what good, quality information is?

Strength Training for Triathletes Course

Strength Training for Triathlon Success Course - Training Peaks University

Coach your athletes to build strength, prevent injury, and perform better. Strength training for triathlon is quickly becoming a mainstream method to help athletes get faster and prevent injury. Are you prepared to guide your athletes as they add strength to their training?



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