The Endurance Athlete Makeover Package

For those who realize life is short and want to supercharge their results on the bike, in the mirror, and in their tenacity to tackle life



Maximum Results Package is for those who are looking to take massive action to change their health, fitness, vitality, and quality of life.

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This intensive program is for those looking to rapidly and drastically change their body and their abilities while moving to a higher level of thinking & movement- in and out of the sport.

Coaching spots are highly coveted and extremely limited to only 3 athletes a year.

Spots for this program are extremely limited and are NOT always available. 

Are you tired of how you look? Fed up with how poor your riding and lifestyle is?
Have you been looking for an experienced and highly knowledgeable coach to help you make the change once and for all to the healthier, fitter, faster, and happier you that you KNOW lives inside you?

The Maximum Results Package was designed just for you!

We’ve put together this program in order to help a select few riders a year to make massive changes in their body, mindset, life, and fitness. We’re not talking simply increasing your on-bike abilities, but using the sport of cycling to help you unlock the potential you have in cycling and many other areas of your life!

The New You Program includes:

– Contact with HVT Coach Brodie at a level normally reserved for his Professional Athlete and Corporate Executive coaching clients
– Weekly 60 minute Skype Sessions to help you get and stay on track no matter what life throws at you
– On-bike, Strength, and Nutrition Coaching to allow you to not only FEEL different, but to LOOk different!
– Bi-weekly Power File Analysis & feedback
– LEOMO Based Coaching- for those looking to use the most cutting edge technology in their training
– Life Balance Coaching sessions- to allow you to balance the demands and pressure in your life (as part of Skype sessions)
– and much, much, more!

This is for serious individuals only, as the spots are extremely limited

Sick and tired of getting dropped?

If you're fed up with getting dropped at every climb, or getting beaten at the line, download our intervals guide, INSTANTLY!

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