Strength Training for Cycling Power

Our Strength Training for Cycling Programs have helped riders from all backgrounds, ages, and abilities to get far more out of their riding time, and to see improvements in their power they thought they would never achieve:

  • “Not only have I gotten faster, but with the strength training program, my riding has improved while riding LESS hours than before!”
  • “I didn’t believe that at my age I could increase my 5 second to 2 minute power….but after just 3 months, it has happened!”
  • “I don’t know what to tell you….No more neck pain, and my fingers on my left hand no longer go numb. Oh, and I’m now almost at the front of my group rides at the end!”

Bring your strength training for cycling or triathlon up to speed with what the best in the world are doing, with our 8-12 week pre-made programs.

Not sure which plan is right for you? Contact us with your questions and we’ll help ensure you get the plan that suits your needs best!

strength training for cycling power 12 week program


This incredibly potent 12-week strength training for cycling program will help you tap in to the power that weight lifting for cyclists and triathletes can offer, all with HOME based workouts using just Kettlebells and bands. 

Each week you’ll get a new “Exercise Focus” video, helping you ensure you’re progressing each week, and getting exactly what you need to out of the program at that point.

This workout has been built to complete your strength training in 30-40 minutes a session, 2-3 sessions a week, allowing you to keep up your riding or triathlon training.

beat back pain from cycling

Better Back & Hips 8 week Program

Over my nearly 15 years working with cyclists & triathletes, by far the #1 issue has been lower back pain from riding. 

Having gone through my own debilitating hip injury that led to lower back pain, I have spent over 10 years of researching & seeking out the top experts in the field to learn from how to address back pain, and to get back to  living a healthy, pain free (and riding-filled) life. 


This 8 week program will help you get out of pain, learn how to use your core to protect your back, and produce more power, all while helping you feel and move better throughout your day.


**This program is not for everyone, and there is a screening process before you receive access**

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