The Stronger After 50 Strength Training System

Stronger After 50

Strength Training for cycling and triathlon used to be frowned upon, and more correctly, actively avoided by those who were “serious” cyclists & triathletes.

Since 2015 we’ve seen a big shift in attitudes towards strength training, especially with many new scientific research articles coming out showing huge benefits for cyclists & triathletes to gain by adding strength training to your weekly schedule.

But how the heck do you fit it all in, and how do you even know if the program is going to work for you?


If you’re like most folks out there who are just following “classical” bodybuilding approaches when they hit the weights, or following “common knowledge”, you’re highly likely going to fall short of your goals.


That’s why I’ve created the Stronger After 50 Strength Training System for YOU.

Over my 25+ year in and around the health & fitness industry, with the last 18 specializing in Cyclists & Triathletes I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t for endurance athletes.

This program is designed specifically for cyclists & triathletes over the age of 50 to:

  • Help increase your mobility
  • Improve your posture
  • Decrease your recovery time between hard in-sport sessions
  • Increase strength on the bike and/or swim/bike/run
  • More repeatability in your high-power efforts
  • Stop neck, back, and hip pain
  • Use as little time as needed to get you strength training results

The system was developed from the over 20,000 hours of in-person training sessions I’ve done with endurance athletes, the majority of the those athletes being in their late 50’s and up. 

And I want to share this system with you, for free.

Click on the link below and use the code HVTrainingFB to get the first step “1. End of Season Unwind” for free. 

This 4 week program will help you move better, improve your posture & mobility, and prepare you for the strength training in the following weeks. 

Strength training program for masters cyclists

To get started with the Stronger After 50 System, for free
on the TrainingPeaks platform

Use Code: HVTrainingFB

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