Ep 115 – Chris Abbott: The Setup Is The Most Important Part

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What is the ONE thing that can have the biggest impact on whether you succeed in something, or fail?

On a macro level, a huge determination of success or failure, and especially so the speed of which you achieve or fail- is the setup.

Chris Abbott is the co-host of the Breakthrough Secrets Podcast, and has been in the fitness industry for nearly 13 years. In this time he’s gone from a trainee, to a trainer, to a gym owner, and has had his fair share of success along the way- and some failures as well.

Today Chris shares with us some insights as to his mental maps which he’s developed through his journey, which have helped him speed-up his ability to help his clients, and progress himself as a human and as a coach. The anchor of this mind-map may surprise many, yet it makes complete sense:

The Setup is the most important part…

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