In this Episode:

  • Meghan Callaway
  • Unstable Surface Training
  • Recovery
  • Breathing
  • Overtraining
  • Visual, Oral, Written, and Kinesthetic
  • Common Themes With Successful Clients – Coaching & Cueing
  • Conclusion




Show Notes:

0:42 –

Meghan Callaway

  • From Vancouver
  • Has a number of online programs
    • The Ultimate Pull-Up Program
    • The Complete Trainer’s Toolbox
  • “It is honestly one of my favorite Instagram accounts” – Menachem
  • Has always been passionate about sports and training
  • Initially trained herself focusing on her appearance and didn’t enjoy her workouts
  • “I wanna feel like I’m playing” – Meghan
    • Everyday she’s excited to work and spread the message to so many people
  • At 28 Meghan got into a bad car accident
    • After that, her message changed to training to feel good and empowered
  • There’s so much good information out there on social media
    • “I think it’s a matter of sifting through the bad information to find the good professionals to follow” – Meghan


10:46 –

Unstable Surface Training

  • The benefits are few and far between
  • “You will achieve so much more performing exercises on a stable surface using better form – using more resistance – than you will doing the same thing on Bosus – or other unstable devices” – Meghan
  • For the upper body she’s used an unstable device more so than an unstable surface
    • Chaos push-ups
    • Bottoms-up kettlebell presses
  • Single-leg exercises on a stable surface are fantastic for developing balance
  • There might be a correlation between athletes who struggle with short-foot exercise and ACL tears
  • If you struggle to balance on your feet you’re probably not going to be as stable in the rest of the joints
  • “Running is a really technical activity” – Meghan
    • It’s very high impact


20:05 –


  • Turn off Netflix autoplay!
  • Try to go to sleep early
  • Read before you go to sleep instead of watching TV
  • Don’t spend a lot of time on screens at night before going to sleep
  • “Sleep is essential” – Meghan
  • Increase self-care and put yourself first
  • “Less is often more beneficial – you want to do as little as you can to obtain the maximum benefits” – Meghan
  • Walk!
  • “Figure out what works and feels best for you” – Meghan
  • Prioritize your mental health
  • “Putting yourself and your mental health first will have such a positive carry over everything you do” – Meghan


34:38 –


  • “The cutting edge in strength training right now” – Menachem
  • 360º breathing around the spine
    • Crocodile breathing
  • Breathing does vary depending on the activity
  • Triangular breathing drill:
    • Breathe in and visualize the line of a triangle from the ground to the top
    • Hold your breath during the line from the top to the bottom of the triangle
    • Exhale during the flat part
    • Try to make the triangle even on three sides
  • “The Stress Code” – Richard Sutton
  • Pressure and holding your breath helps the parasympathetic nervous system turn on
  • Separate nose and mouth inhalation
  • Deadbugs: ribs tucked, brace core, steadily exhale through the mouth, inhale through the nose
    • Inhaling through the nose makes it much easier to maintain the position/brace


47:40 –


  • Basadoic: too much low intensity long duration
    • Recommend going to the mountains
  • Atasonic: too much high intensity not enough recovery
    • Recommend going to the beach
  • It’s about developing tension – not about executing strength
  • Body positioning is essential as well


54:15 –

Visual, Oral, Written, and Kinesthetic

  • “I connect written and visual” – Menachem
  • Menachem has athletes fill out the VARK test
  • “People who tend to be the right fit tend to approach me” – Meghan


58:01 –

Common Themes With Successful Clients – Coaching & Cueing

  • “Being mentally present is just as – even more important – than being physically present” – Meghan
    • It depends!
    • Coaches have to adapt to the client
  • Less is more
  • Coaches should not speak in black and white or absolutes
  • “Just because something works for someone else doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you the same way – or at all” – Menachem
  • Message to endurance athletes to help them know when to look for help and how to get the most out of your training:
    • If you have something you’re really not improving in, working with someone for a single session can make a tremendous difference
    • “It is such a worthwhile investment if you find you’re stuck and are just not making the progress on your own” – Meghan


1:08:06 –


  • How to find Meghan:
    • Website:
    • Ultimate Pull-Up Program
    • The Complete Trainer’s Toolbox
    • Glutes, Floor, and Pelvic Floor
    • Instagram: meghancallaway
    • Facebook: Meghan Callaway Fitness
    • Come see Meghan in Vancouver!
    • “Even working with people online can be so beneficial” – Meghan
    • “You’re a much more 360º coach” – Menachem
    • You can also book Meghan for a seminar or workshop

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