Episode 15 – Selene Yeager – Performance for Cyclists & Triathletes: “Make it Easy”

Selene Yeager

In this Episode:

  • Introduction: Selene Yeager
  • Evolution of Fitness: Training and Cycling
  • Transition to Run and Bike
  • Hamstring Tightness for Cyclists vs. Runners
  • Managing Travel
  • Nutrition
  • Climbing: a Mental Approach
  • Technology
  • “What’s Doing it For You Right Now?”
  • Conclusion



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Show Notes:

0:40 –

Introduction: Selene Yeager

  • Author
  • Co-host of “The Paceline Podcast”, which is released every Thursday
  • “You always have to find what that motivation is, and that changes over time” – Selene
  • “The Fit Chick”
  • Selene always rode her bike growing up, but wasn’t really a cyclist
  • Her dad was a bodybuilder, so he taught her how to lift
  • “If I don’t do some measure of strength training my riding will suffer – especially mountain biking” – Selene


5:28 –

Evolution of Fitness: Training and Cycling

  • “Very early on, endurance sports and strength training were oil and water” – Selene
  • The model of lifting was body building and hypertrophy, which seemed unnecessary for cyclists
  • Now cyclists typically lift
  • “It’s about lifting to be strong – and lifting to be powerful and efficient” – Selene
  • Now so many more women are lifting heavy as well
  • You want myofibril/contractile hypertrophy
  • “I feel like it’s a little scatter-shot still – there’s a lot of crossfitters” – Selene
  • Not a lot of people do mobility exercises before lifting
  • 3 warm-up exercises Selene likes:
    • It depends!
    • Right now: statue of liberty, long step walking-lunge with rotation, scorpions
      • Scorpions: lay on stomach, hands out to side in a “T”, bend right leg and try and take it up and across to left hand, and vice versa


14:33 –

Transition to Run and Bike

  • After every single bike ride she did, Selene’s coach would make her run
  • Specificity and adaptation
  • “Once you get over your personal threshold – it can become mentally overwhelming” – Selene
    • You have to make a digestible goal


19:19 –

Hamstring Tightness for Cyclists vs. Runners

  • Selene found “The Foundation” by Eric Goodman around this time
  • She would watch an 11 minute video of his with exercises
  • “A little bit is way better than nothing” – Selene


23:21 –

Managing Travel

  • “I do a lot of body weight stuff” – Selene
    • Push-ups, burpees, etc.
    • “There’s a lot you can do with nothing” – Selene
  • If there is a gym, then she’ll go
  • She tends to take it day by day
  • Pull-ups can come and go really quickly
    • Swimming helps for pull-ups because of scapulo-thoracic rhythm
  • “When I’m doing pull-ups consistently I feel that much stronger” – Selene
    • This pull-up strength also translates into her mountain biking because she has a “reservoir of strength”


30:27 –


  • Selene’s first book: “The Doctors Book of Food Remedies”
    • Referenced by Chuck Norris on his website!
  • “Roar” with Stacy Sims has a huge impact for women
  • “My biggest strategy is just to have everything I need on hand” – Selene
    • So simple and easy
  • “It’s so important to make it as easy as you can on yourself” – Selene
    • Selene roasts all her vegetables in her toaster oven
    • “You just need some salt and pepper and olive oil – and your day is in good shape” – Selene
  • “I feel like if you feed your body right – those problems go away” – Selene
  • “Your brain wants some happy homeostasis, and if it can’t get it in a healthy way I think it gets it in an unhealthy way” – Selene
  • Social connection, and a little bit of accountability is super important


39:00 –

Climbing: a Mental Approach

  • “I love to climb, but I didn’t always” – Selene
  • You have to give meaning to your climb
  • Climbing gives you stability, space, and reward
  • “The mental part is (100%) everything” – Selene
  • You need to develop that mental capacity, and it is very hard to do on your own
  • There’s a chapter on how to talk nicely to yourself – because it matters


54:04 –


  • “I trained for Ironman with nothing except speed and time” – Selene
  • Sometimes Selene uses stuff with power, but she prefers to go by feel
  • Altitude is also important if necessary
  • Managed her energy through perceived exertion
  • “There’s too much data” – Menachem


1:02:54 –

“What’s Doing it For You Right Now?”

  • “I find deadlifting to be magical” – Selene
    • Helps her feel great on her bike
  • Feeling at one with everything
    • Dancing on the pedals
  • “I am a good sleeper” – Selene
    • She prioritizes her sleep and never gets less than 7 hours
  • Selene is also good at managing her time and writing things down
    • Checking things off


1:06:01 –


  • Selene’s top 2 things to make it easy:
    • Make it fun
  • Fun is easy
    • Make it digestible
  • It’s so easy to get overwhelmed
  • It’s okay to find the bare minimum that works for you
  • Where can we find you?
    • The Paceline Podcast
    • Facebook: Fit Chick Selene Yeager
      • “I put all my work there” – Selene
    • Twitter: fitchick3
    • Instagram: fitchick3
    • Website: seleneyeager.com
  • Pick up “Climb” before it sells out!


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Menachem Brodie

Coaching since 2000, Menachem Brodie has been working with athletes in a number of settings, and a broad variety of sports.


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