Keep Moving Forward

Many times life will determine that we cannot get in our structured workouts, and we must decide:

Do I skip or skimp my workout?

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As we go through life, there will be time when life dictates that we must choose the top 3 priorities to focus on. One of my coaches way back when, shared this with me when I was a teenager, but it took me a few more years to figure out (go figure, right?).

In life you’re going to have 6 “priorities”

  1. Money (work)
  2. Family
  3. Social life/ friends
  4. Sleep
  5. Training
  6. “Me time” (Self care)


You will ALWAYS need to choose ONE to focus on, and 2 others on which to put some of your energy into. The other 3, will be left fighting over the scraps.

The challenge is, as we get older each of these items changes in the weight we could or do place on them.

For example, when my coach shared this with me, he was trying to get me to move more towards sleep, as I was working 50 hours a week, going to university, training for powerlifting, and going out with my friends. Sleep and training time (and self care) went to the way side. 

Now thankfully, with his guidance (and straight talk), I managed to make it through, but with sub-par results in all areas except for with my friends.

I won the regional meet, but didn’t have numbers that warranted spending the money to compete- er rather, show up and be disappointed- at nationals, and I had showed up late 3 times in a week to my job as a barista, which while the manager didn’t know, had my (awesome) coworkers really upset with me. 


Keep Moving Forward

Fast forward many moons, and I’ve learn (ahem, flew past my limits) a few times since then. 

The last few weeks has felt like back in undergrad again, as I’ve been working long days to finish polishing up my certification course for its enrollment period next week, which lasts 10 days. 

These days have left me with the choice, every single day, of do I SKIP the workout that I have planned, or do I SKIMP on the workout?


This is a choice I’ve had to help many athletes and clients make, or learn to make, as life threw them curveballs and sliders. 

What’s incredible about it, is that as you learn what your MUSTS are and what will keep you on track, you’ll often be blown away as to how incredibly well the simple things will do it for you.


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  1. Eating LESS, and making 98% of it super good for me stuff
    No more pancakes and sandwiches, as if I’m not riding my bike or doing much endurance style work, I can see the scales tip, and my energy wane. It’s lean proteins, lots of veggies and fruits, and the 2%? Well, that’s for small portions here and there of junk food that satisfies the “itch” but won’t push me over the edge. In fact, just knowing I could have that 2%, makes it more often than not that I don’t want it. 
  2. Doing sets of 15-20 repetitions of the FUNdamental 5+1 movements
    Throughout my day, in between my sessions, meetings, and working blocks (I work in 60-90 minute intervals). This keeps me moving, and allows me to maintain some training “stress” during the times that life stress is taking lead role.

  3. Spending time between those work intervals with my family
    Nothing more rejuvenating than sitting on the couch with my wife for a cup of coffee, or playing with the baby and hearing his laugh.

  4. Doing my 8 minute daily back and hips strength routine
    My back and hips HATE all this sitting! That’s one of the reasons/ excuses in the past that I haven’t blogged. But my 8 minute back and hips routine helps keep me feeling fresh enough, and the pain at bay….and also helps me stay sensitive enough to know when I really need to break away for a bit and move. 


The most important thing though, is to keep moving forward. 

Each day we want to get 1% better than we were the day before. It won’t be glorious, in fact, it will most likely be super mundane and boring.

But it WILL get you there.


Time to go, I have a barbell calling my name for a set of deadlifts and shoulder presses.

Until next time, Train Smarter, Not Harder, because it is all about YOU!


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Menachem Brodie

Coaching since 2000, Menachem Brodie has been working with athletes in a number of settings, and a broad variety of sports.

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