You Don't Need To Crush Yourself Every Training Session

In our endurance sports worlds of cycling and triathlon, we have developed this twisted association with super hard workouts being those which make us stronger and better.

While these harder sessions are needed, they’re needed far less frequently throughout the year than you think.

The body needs time to adapt to the training stress we place on it, and that means getting ample sleep, eating well, and learning to manage out life stress well.

It also means understanding your own body, and being able to check your ego at the door, change the days workout to match what you’re capable of doing on that day, at that time, in those circumstances.

If you’re to do a group ride at ENDURANCE, don’t “just go with the flow”, RIDE AT ENDURANCE- YOUR ENDURANCE.


Don’t complain that you’re too sore to ride from your strength training, instead, take a step back and understand what it is you actually need out of your strength training , and only go hard enough to get those gains.

And some days, that means getting in the 2-3 anchors at a low level, but getting them in no matter what.


Here’s a little peek at what that would look like in action for me right now.










If you want to hang out and talk strength training related stuff with a bunch of cyclist and triathletes on Facebook, I’ve opened a brand new free group:


Hope to see you in there!

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