Episode 76- Strength Training for Running Part 1

The strong savvy cyclist & triathlete podcast
How much strength training do runners need?
As I perused the interwebs this past week, I found a question in one of the groups I really like asking about “barbell strength training + running training”.  This is a question that many cyclists and triathletes ask themselves as well, with many simply following the newly minted mantra of “life heavy $hit”. While this mantra comes from a place of really good intentions, it missed 95% of what you REALLY need to be doing to see in-sport gains from your strength training.
This week is part one of  a two part series answering diving into the details of how to answer the question of:
How much barbell strength training do you need if you want to improve your running?
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Menachem Brodie

Menachem Brodie

Coaching since 2000, Menachem Brodie has been working with athletes in a number of settings, and a broad variety of sports.

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The strong savvy cyclist & triathlete podcast

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