Episode 89- Erin Carson on Strength Training for Triathlon Performance

Erin Carson
Erin Carson, whom many know as the coach at EC Fit Strength Boulder, is one of the few strength coaches in the endurance world who has been able to interlace strength, performance, and long-term athlete development for those she coaches of ALL ages and abilities. 
In this episode Erin and I talk a lot of the details of strength training for performance, and how it is very different than just picking things up and putting them down. 
In particular, we talk about how it takes time to get under load. This is something many endurance athletes and their well-meaning coaches miss, as they rush to add kilos to the bar or to load a movement…
It depends on your previous strength training and loading experiences. 
Just because you can produce force, doesn’t mean that your tissues are able to handle those forces: For example, in 2019 there were 7 of top 20 men in pro triathlon has sacral stress fractures, due to tissues not being ready. Talk about a completely avoidable training related injury!
We cover this, and a number of other really important, but not oft talked about parts of strength training for endurance athletes, and how to program and progress for performance where it matters!
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