Ep 108 – The (Now) Absurdity of Evidence Based Practice

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Science, it seems, has become the be-all, end-all for everything training these days.

“Show me the research proving this works” riders and coaches alike proclaim, while talking about training approaches. Many cyclists and triathletes these days outright refuse to do a specific workout- or even strength exercise- if there isn’t a research article “proving it works” or “showing it’s valuable.

This has now reached “official absurdity levels”, as the endurance training world has apparently lost their northern star of the training world: The ONE subject matter who, well, matters:


In this episode we discuss why this mentality is a problem, how it’s doing you a disservice, and how research is often driven by whats popular/ buzzworthy in the public, and a number of other outside factors.

Research is useful, but only when it’s used with the right mentality and applied well.

90-90 Hip Switch

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